A baldie (careca) is a woman who is fighting breast cancer.
Many of these women have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy, hence this war nickname.
AdoteUmaCareca (Adopt a Baldie) is a project that wants to talk about breast cancer in a light-hearted way, without prejudice, bringing bald people closer to society and society closer to bald people.
Create a website that would act as a platform for communication between bald people, family members and volunteers.
This platform would consist of:

1. Publishing relevant news about breast cancer and important information not only for those dealing with the disease, but also for the general public.
Early detection of the disease is a subject that should be relevant on the site.

2. Publicising projects to support baldies. This is the idea that gave the project its name: "Adopt a baldie"
To create the personas, in addition to researching articles on relevant subjects, interviews were conducted with women with cancer and survivors, their families and friends. Data was also collected in questionnaires presented to these women, which made it possible to understand their demographic data and digital habits.
Creating the language
The website's iconography was conceived and designed to give baldies the opportunity to show that they are proud to be bald. While remaining anonymous, baldies who register on the site have the opportunity to express their individuality by choosing an avatar that best represents their situation.
Prototyping and user testing
After designing an initial prototype of the site, unmoderated usability tests were carried out.

Around 43 people took part and the following tests were carried out:
- 5 second test
- First click test
- Navigation test
- Design questions

These tests are carried out remotely, with no interaction between the participants and the tester. 
Navigation test 
How would you return to the website's home page?
Answer format: click
first click test
How would you contact those responsible for the website/project?
Answer format: click
Moderated tests
Users were shown an interactive mock-up of the website and given tasks to complete.
After consent, some of the tests were recorded.
Final UI 
Based on the analysis of the results of the tests carried out, high quality prototypes were designed.
Accessibility Notes
The entire website has been designed so that everyone, including people with physical disabilities, can access the content.

Issues that were taken into consideration include:
- Legible font sizes and fonts
- Good colour contrast ratio
- Respect for the hierarchy of html elements
- Introduction of alternative text for images
- All website content should be accessible via keyboard
- There will be no text in image form
- Video content will be subtitled

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